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Creative Director, Designer, Project Manager, Photographer and Writer with experience in all aspects of Multi Media development. Currently Freelance & publishing Maier Files
Giets, Visual, Design, Personal, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, books, Interactive Design, Opwijk
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Ik doe dingen zoals

Art – illustrations

illustraties en vrije grafiek


Bekijk ook de Maier files series die ik geschreven heb

MAIER FILES – Tidbits Articles

  • Disir – the Guardian Spirits

    Disir – the Guardian Spirits

    Apart from gods or goddesses, medieval authors often refer to female guardian spirits identified as dísir and sometimes fylgjur

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  • The greatest secret of the North

    The greatest secret of the North

    This is maybe the greatest secret of the North that only two know.

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  • The Twelve Magical Nights of Yule

    The Twelve Magical Nights of Yule

    During the twelve days of Yule, Holle rides across the sky and drives her wagon over the land.

    Read the article
  •  Do you know what time it is?

    Do you know what time it is?

    Contemporary scientific revelations regarding time, however, turn the question indefinitely frustrating.

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  • Projekt Nornir

    Projekt Nornir

    We take it for granted that the past is fixed and time is linear. But how do we know for sure that that's the case?

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  • Is time only an illusion?

    Is time only an illusion?

    The concept of a timeless reality is at first so staggering ...

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In het oog springende posts

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T-shirt designs

Ontwerpen voor T-hemdjes

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Music CD illustrations

Muziek CD’s en Bands

CD cover design

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